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When starting a new blog it’s always exciting to dream ahead of what could be. That is exactly what this post is.

CarbonPositiveLife was born for the idea that what if individuals could not just minimise their impact on global warming but instead actually reduce the effects of global warming.

The idea that I personally could do my small part to actually reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is really exciting.

That by me being alive there are less greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than if I never existed at all.

To me that is an exciting idea that is worth pursuing.

Personal Goals

The personal goals for me and my wife (who you’ll probably hear from later in the life of this blog) is to live a carbon positive life.

To remove or offset more greenhouse gas emissions than we as a family are creating, thus having a positive impact on the greenhouse effect (aka less greenhouse gases).

How we are going to achieve this is unknown but here are a couple of things we have started thinking about

  • As we currently rent it’s harder for us to go fully solar, but we want to find a way to do it anyway
  • Provide extra solar energy to the grid so our neighbours can be living off our clean energy
  • Reduce our travel emissions and eventually have electric cars charged from solar energy
  • Make shopping choices that have less of an impact on global warming
  • Cultivate trees/bushes to further reduce greenhouse gases

Business Goals

For the purpose of this post lets assume that CarbonPositiveLife is a business. At the moment it’s just a hobby but I would like for it to be profitable in the future.

But the goals I have are less monetary goals and more impact goals

  • Show people practical ways to become carbon positive
  • Focus on individual actions that have a direct impact vs actions that may or may not work (eg. Lobbying government)
  • Create/discover cost effective ways to reduce/offset emissions (eg. Not everyone can afford a Tesla electric car)
  • Work out how people renting can take advantage of solar energy
  • Do all this while generating a profit

Really the best skill I have is the ability to take something confusing and complex and explain it in a way that makes it simple and achievable.

I hope to do this with our individual impact on greenhouse gas emissions.



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