Can We Live A Carbon Positive Life?

Global warming is quickly becoming a run away problem.

Governments seem happy to ignore it completely.

This means there is unlikely going to be anything done on a national level to reduce our impact of global warming.

This is depressing yes, but it also reminds us of something very important.

Global warming is all of our responsibilities.

I think it was Elon Musk who said that global warming will cause more death and displacement of people than all the wars in the world ever did…combined.

So yes, I think it is all of our responsibilities to do our part for global warming.

Reducing Emissions Isn’t Enough

As I contemplated this over the last few months I realised that simply reducing my carbon emissions wouldn’t be enough.

No matter how much I reduce my carbon emissions I am still adding to the problem of global warming.

I want to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

I want to live a carbon positive life.

By this I mean – because of me existing on the earth there are less greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than if I hadn’t have existed at all.

This means not just reducing my greenhouse gas emissions but actually doing work to either:

  • Offset the emissions of others and thus reduce the overall greenhouse gas emissions that would have otherwise happened
  • Pull carbon from the atmosphere (likely through some sort of tree planting scheme or something of the sort)

On Step At A Time

I can’t instantly be carbon positive.

I use electricity sourced from fossil fuels, I drive a car that uses fossil fuels and so so much more.

I can’t fix it all at once. But I can methodically work on one thing at a time until I become carbon positive.

Here’s to a future where average joe’s like you and me can fix global warming.

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